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An Efficiency Measurement Software

Dr-SIR is knowledge-based, hospital efficiency measurement software, facilitating pay for performance, hospital assessment and audit. It generates powerful reports and analysis for healthcare administrators and stakeholders in the areas of accurate efficiency measurement, reducing costs, resource planning and performance evaluations for the whole hospital, a department or for an individual in a department. It can dramatically reduce the running cost of a hospital and increases your margins by enhancing productivity. This unique healthcare management software quantifies in statistical terms on a unified scale (Work Unit), the professional services being rendered in a hospital setup by all categories of professionals. It calculates the optimum capacity of "Work Unit" generation as against what has actually been generated and then it analyzes the reasons both for negative and positive variances.
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Efficiency Measurement Reports

Dr-SIR is an efficiency measurement, healthcare management software for ... Efficiency Measurement Reports
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Dr-SIR Financial

The analytical reports provide a revealing analysis of hospitals, Pay for Performance, and financial structure by ...
Financial Reports
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Dr-SIR Planning

Healthcare management and optimization of healthcare resources is the focal point of Hospital planning ... Planning Reports
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Pay for Performance.
Operating Capacity Forecast.
Measure Efficiency.
Monitor and Track.
Performance Analysis.
Over a billion, staffing combinations.
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