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Monday, July 18, 2011

Sawaab Publishing, Inc. hired senior web developer from i-TRO division of ESOLPK

Sawaab Publishing, Inc. is a USA based company. They required reliable and professional IT company that can deliver great results efficiently and cost-effectively for on-going work on their software products. Their first line of products is Ayaat-A-Day, in which they have a lifetime calendar with verses for every day guidance, an iPhone application, Prints, and a brand new software. The software has an Islamic theme and contains verses from the Quran. Its aim is to allow people to view Quranic verses easily on their computer at the timings they choose. It lets them view English, Arabic, listen to Recitation, etc. Created on .NET framework, the application contains high-quality images, text, and sound files with functionality such as Favorites, Search by Word/Page Number, and Settings areas.

The current need for the software is customization. The software shows ads on a banner, and client required an easy way of changing the banner and creating a new build. The software functions would remain the same, but the banner will simply be changed to the advertisement by many other companies. For this purpose, they hired .Net developer from i-TRO division of ESOLPK, for creating and managing their software. The .Net developer will customize and add some features to existing Islamic software.

About Sawaab Publishing Inc.:

Sawaab Publishing Inc., established in 2009, isá an Islamic products publishing company, aiming to help the average Muslim easily connect with Quranic lessons on a daily basis. Please view their website at


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